With the increase in the number of car theft cases, people are increasingly concerned about the safety of their vehicle. To protect our car from theft, we need to examine the minds of thieves to understand what the best way to steal a vehicle is. This way you too can protect your car from theft.

  • The use of screwdrivers to get into the car

Usually, in old cars or even new ones without the anti-theft system, thieves find it super easy to get into the vehicle using a screwdriver to open the car.

  • Removing the GPS

GPS is the most useful device that helps keep the vehicle in check, but tech-savvy thieves remove GPS so you can’t track the car. Some of them even use GPS jamming devices so that they cannot track the vehicle after it is stolen.

  • Theft of the turbo decoder

It has the same use as a modern skeletal key, car thieves use the turbo decoder to target cars with manual locks as it makes it easier for them to steal the vehicle.

  • Damage the OBD

The OBD contains all the information regarding your vehicle and the technician uses it to check the status of your car, but if car thieves access it, it is easier for them to create a duplicate key and steal your car.

  • Anti-theft system

  • Keycode capture

Thieves usually use electronic devices to get your car key code, and once they get it, stealing the car becomes child’s play. This way they can transfer your car information to any blank key and consequently open your car doors with ease.

To protect your car from theft, installing anti-theft devices in your vehicle is the best choice you can make. Nowadays, most companies are designing several anti-theft devices that offer extreme theft protection, one of them is Defender Car Security.

At Defender Car Security , we have many other products that have different roles and functions but with one goal: to protect your car from theft.

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