Cars are a precious commodity as well as being a status symbol ever since they were born. In the past, people used to keep their cars in safe places so that they were not stolen or vandalized in any way; however, this is not the case with today’s cars. Now owning a car is no longer a luxury, on the contrary, it is increasingly common. Owners usually leave their car empty or unattended, making the vehicle vulnerable to thieves. As a result, the need to keep them safe and theft-proof has increased.

Going back in time, the first recorded car theft occurred in Paris, France, in 1896. It was a mechanic who stole a Peugeot from Baron De Zuylen, founder of the Automobile Club of France . Fortunately the vehicle was recovered and the thief caught, this led to a number of innovations that would see our cars become theft-proof.

Removable steering wheel

Volante rimovibile
One of the first
anti-theft technologies in the car was the detachable steering wheel, developed by Leach Automobile in 1900. The driver could remove the steering wheel after driving and take it with him to make sure his car was not stolen.


In the same way that people used to insert the keys at the entrance of the house, in the same way the car lock was used on the car handle;
however, most early cars didn’t even have doors, which wouldn’t have been standard until the early 1920s. There was another problem with this method and that was that the locks were easy to pick and after the 1970s more sophisticated locks were born.


Allarmi Per Auto
Car alarms might seem like a modern concept, but they date back to 1913. They had the same functionality as we have today, ie if someone tried to tamper with the engine, the alarm would go off.
Three years later, a wireless alarm was introduced that made the buzzer vibrate when
the car ignition was tampered with. However, in 1954 Victor Helman patented the first car alarm.

Subsequently, various other car alarm systems emerged and technology played a significant role in producing more theft-proof systems. People need to stay alert and take every precaution to protect their car from theft, regardless of how safe they think their car is.

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